Open Data

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At Picnic I heard Usman Haque state (freely paraphrased in my own words) that the future of the Internet of Things will be about the liberation and manifestation of open data: every individual should be able to own the data that he/she generated, and data should be accessible to all. Last Saturday the Hack de ...

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Design for Increased Awareness

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Design for Increased Awareness – Housing Concepts for Elderly People One of the most remarkable changes of getting older, that happens to everyone in some way or other, is the change of our senses. Our senses provide us with the right information to respond to our environment, so they are a prerequisite for how we ...

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PICNIC 2011 – Design for your Future Self

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At PICNIC the Waag Society Healthcare Lab hosted an event on aging: Design for your Future Self. What is aging nowadays and how can designers respond to it? I was one of the keynote speakers, together with Matthias Hollwich, Marieke van den Berg and Jacomine van Veen, and co-hosted the workshop afterwards. The workshop and ...

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2nd IoT Workshop

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Subscription is closing for the 2nd IoT workshop Builders at Play – be quick if you still want to join! We are proud to announce a new partner to our project: aside from the Waag Society and Volume Magazine, we now also receive the support from Pachube!

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