Caro van Dijk Architectuur is a young office for architecture and interior design in Amsterdam. We love developing new concepts and research based design; our focus is set at revitalising existing buildings and caring environments for people with special needs. We work in a small team of ambitious designers, but also seek cooperation beyond our own field with environmental psychologists and other research specialists.


Caro van Dijk Architectuur was founded in 2012 by architect Caro van Dijk MSc, after having worked at several leading offices in Amsterdam. Besides her work as an architect, Caro is a design teacher at the department ‘Interiors Buildings and Cities’ at the faculty of Architecture TU Delft, and a frequent speaker at various conferences and universities. She initiated several research projects and events to share and generate knowledge in her field, such as developing better design methods for people with dementia and care environments. In combining theory and practice, both benefit from the other.

We are always pleased to receive portfolios by email from dedicated architects and talented design students.


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